Raffi Jewellers’ TUDOR Boutique

Many decades of experience in the business of fine watches and handcrafted jewellery have offered unique opportunities and experiences to us at Raffi Jewellers. Throughout this journey, one thing has remained utterly consistent—our delightful customers are, always have been, and always will be, our absolute top priority. The relationships we have built over three generations are the reason we love what we do—and why we do it. We are unyielding in offering an experience of excellence to each person who graces our doorway and take great pride in presenting a bespoke shopping experience based on authentic, superior service in an elegant setting.

Raffi Jewellers is honoured to partner with TUDOR fine watches to open the first North American TUDOR boutique, located at the renowned Yorkdale Shopping Centre. This collaboration between Raffi and the Swiss brand will present an exceptional, curated range of fine timepieces to our esteemed clientele. The Swiss brand’s heritage, sport, diving and classic looks will be offered along with limited and exclusive TUDOR releases, including the new Royal collection. We look forward to sharing the technical prowess and sleek styles with everyone in our specially designed TUDOR signature showroom. We invite you to experience a Swiss luxury watch of true innovation and enduring quality.

Visit Raffi Jewellers Yorkdale to discover Tudor.


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